Aiming For The Truth

"Sighting In On The Real Issues"

Aiming for the Truth is the brain child of Kevin “KD” Dixie that has been in the works, locally in the St Louis area, for over a decade. We are now preparing to take Aiming for the Truth on the road! Aiming for the Truth focuses on the approach of assisting in establishing and enriching lives. This has proven to be a successful launch into true community development and acknowledgment of constitutional rights.  Truly attacking the roots of violence and looking past surface issues and desires has directed attendees and witnesses to understand a holistic approach to true human wellness.

We need your assistance to begin to help communities all around the country heal and deal with the issues below:
– Mental Illness
– Employment
– Legal Issues
– Rebuilding Families
– Coaching Fathers
– Educational Opportunities
– Child Safety
– Non Violent Conflict – Resolution
– Constitutional Education
– Firearms Training Opportunities
– Intro to Firearms and Product Retailers

Click the link below to Darren LaSorte’s article about Kevin Dixie.…/one-man-not-looking-for-excuse


The owner/operator of No Other Chice (NOC) Firearms Training.  Helping people in communities has been my passion for many years. Growing up in the inner city St. Louis and working for the St. Louis Police Department Prisoner Division for 10 years opened my eyes to just how desperately my communities needed change.

Aiming for the Truth looks aims for the root of the environmental conditions that breed violence and eliminate them.

I am more than my environment or the controlling forces destined for me to be. I believe that this approach not only works to qualm violence, it inspires people to overcome their obstacles. A product of a 13 year old Mother and no Father; I now raise two wonderful children and married a woman from the same environment; so we could build change together.

At 11 years old my Uncle sat me down and showed me how to rock up Crack-Cocaine. I now stand tall with my Son and teach him how to create a different knot, a Windsor, for his first violin recital.  We can and will heal others; with your help.

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