Are you working in the realm of firearms? Are you a content creator, media, writer, photographer, firearm instructor, activist, advocate, or conduct any type of outreach work? If you answered yes, then this event is for you.

You will get professional instruction on building your brand/business through workshops from proven professionals. Topics will include managing and growing your social media presence, creating content, how to obtain sponsorships, and much, much more! Industry representatives will be on site and are looking for their next partner! Could you be the next face of a brand?

You like to shoot? Lets do some shooting! Get ready for some awesome training courses from some of the best instructors around! You have to be ready to absorb TONS of information; because it will be lots of it. Don’t worry about your skill level either; we have something for everyone, rather you are a world champion or just a novice. We don’t have egos on the range, we are just growing together.

You want to learn how to run a grassroots organization? Desire to become a advocate of civil rights? We have something for you! Looking to learn more about media to include podcast, radio, writing, etc? Well, yeah we got you covered!

Ever wanted to learn how to instruct? Maybe you have all the skills but just want to learn how to communicate better with the student? Would you like to learn how to build your business? Thinking about becoming an instructor and want to see whats its like? We have something to address that for you!

Take some time on our beautiful range to do some collaboration videos with your peers from all around the country. You will be able to gather content with professionals you may not get to engage with regularly. Lets do this and set you up for success! You will be able to create content with marketing representatives, company Ambassadors, and be able to include new products! You don’t have to make those annoying calls or send those blind emails; create months worth of exclusive content in one place!

There will be fun, excitement, classroom learning, brand building, collaborations, night vision and some explosions! We might even through in some bumper cars and laser tag!

We are going to feed you a nice hearty meal on the range as well!

Dont hesitate to sign up; tickets will go fast!

Sences From Last Year

So, you're all for it; now what do you need?

For Firearms Training


Dependable Handgun

Like "The Truth" for instance, With at least 2 magazines

dakota rifle

Dependable Rifle

Rifle (chambered in .223 or 5.56) – If you don’t have a rifle, don’t worry about it. Our sponsors Tactical Life and Brownells will have loaners available. You will still need to bring a 2 – 4 magazines. Magazines can be ordered at

Magazine Pouches

Magazines Carry

Ability to carry 2 loaded Magazines on body in a secure manner at all times; i.e. chest rig, battle belt, EDC belt. Primary Arms has some great deals.

walker ear pro

Eye/ Ear Protection

(Preferably Amplified Ear Protection) Walkers is a sponsor of the event and you can get 30% off their entire website, , by entering the code KD30.

fenix ammo


100 rounds of handgun and 100 rounds of rifle ammunition to complete the instruction. Please keep in mind that you will still need ammunition for your collaboration and product reviews. We will leave it up to you how much you want to bring for your content. We recommend Fenix Ammo for your ammo needs.

Lambert Airport


Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)



Details Coming Soon

**NO REFUNDS will be issued**

For training gear needs and to save some money; please visit the below:

Breakthrough Clean and enter code NOCBT20 for 20% savings. (for all your cleaning supply needs)

Walker and enter code KD30 for 30% off all your hearing needs.

Please be advised, that only those over 21 will be allowed on-premises. All individuals in attendance will have been required to be registered.

*Always check local weather and dress accordingly*

*Prerequisite – Students should have a basic understanding of the features of their handgun and have fired a handgun before.